Editor's Note

The website of Mr. Shah Abdul Halim has been transferred from geocities.com/sah1947 to shahfoundationbd.org/shahabdulhalim. It has, really, been a positive development – shifting to a registered domain, a brighter opportunity of broader bandwidth, and possibly exposure to larger audience. In this website, the writings of Mr. Halim will be kept side by side with the poetry of his mother Mrs. Anwara Mannan and the articles of his elder brother Mr. Shah Abdul Hannan.

Now, what is new about this update? Apart from the full content of geocities.com/sah1947 this site contains the full text of Mr Halim’s new books, side by side the Bangla and English articles that he has written for different dailies over the last years.

I’m not going to make any comment about the quality or literary value of the writings of Mr. Shah Abdul Halim. I’d rather like to tell just a few words about Mr. Halim, that I know him as a man of dignity, self-righteousness, truthfulness, honesty, ideology, religiousness, and above all a kind heart. He has ever been a worrier against social evils and dishonesty.

I've found Mr. Shah Abdul Halim as an excellent friend and a good guide. May Allah (SWT) grace him for all his efforts in His path, and forgive him for his mistakes.


August 2005