An Introduction to Islamic Information Bureau Bangladesh


Islamic Information Bureau Bangladesh, a private non-profit autonomous organization, was established in August 1991 with the objective to disseminate the teaching of Islam among the modern-secular people who largely influence, dominate and control the society and the government in Bangladesh, focus on the major problems facing the Islamic Ummah and expose the Western conspiracy against Islam. The Bureau chose the print media as its principal area of work to implement and materialize its plan and achieve its objectives. The programs of the Bureau inter alia include: 

i.                     To provide newspapers and periodicals articles to disseminate the teachings of Islam.

ii.                   To provide newspapers and periodicals articles on the contemporary problems faced by the Islamic Ummah.

iii.                  To supply background materials to the newspapers and periodicals so as to equip them to reply the unfounded allegations against Islam and Muslims by the Western print and electronic media and thereby unearth the Western conspiracy.

iv.                 To assist newspapers and periodical in organizing interviews of the prominent personalities and leaders of public opinion with a view to create public awareness on issues of common Muslim interest.

v.                   To encourage editors of newspapers and periodicals to write editorials in support of the issues of common Muslim interest and give educate coverage of news concerning Muslim interest.

vi.                 To distribute books among the journalists of the outstanding Islamic scholars of the Muslim World to keep them abreast of the developments that are taking place in the Muslim World in the field of ideas.

vii.                To assist the journalists in distress by arranging funds for them from other charitable institutions and non-government organizations.