Shah Abdul Halim

Born on 28 February 1947 Shah Abdul Halim comes of the respectable family of spiritual master Shah ShamsuddinBokhari Bukhari (May Allah have Mercy on him) at Katiadi under the district of Kishoregonj. He earned his Master’s degree in Political Science from DhakaUniversity in 1970. He began his journalistic career in 1969 by joining now defunct Weekly Young Pakistan and then he switched over to public relations and served in coveted positions at different national and international organizations and financial institutions. Since later 1996 he is a regular contributor to the country’s prestigious English newspapers: The New Nation, The News Today, Bangladesh Today, The Independent and Bangladesh Observer. He is also a contributor in the Bangla newspaper The Daily NayaDiganta. Currently he is the Chairman of Islamic Information Bureau Bangladesh, a non-profit organization to disseminate the teachings of Islam.

An eminent writer and researcher, Shah Abdul Halim has a good number of works published in national and international journals. His articles are available at website . He has to his credit four works: [i] Islam: A Contemporary Approach. [ii] Peace: A Far Cry, [iii] Power Game and [iv] Dialogue with the Deaf. His books- Hajj: Journey of a Lifetime, Crisis of Culture and The Way Out: Bangladesh Islamists’ Impasse- have drawn the attention of the readers at home and abroad.

A distinguished cultural worker, Shah Abdul Halim is the cofounder of literary organizations: MuktabuddhiShahittayaSangha (Literary Guild for Free Thinkers) and Centre for National Culture, Bangladesh. Actively involved with the country’s library movement, he is the Chief Advisor of Khilgaon Islamic Library, Dhaka, cofounder of Katiadi Islamic Library, Kishoregonj and patron of Shah Abdul Latif Library, Chatal, Kishoregonj. A notable social worker, Shah Abdul Halim is also the cofounder of national children and juvenile organization PhulkudiAshar. A human rights activist, he is also the cofounder of Centre for Human Rights Bangladesh and the Chairman of Bangladesh Peace Foundation. He is also the Chairman of Bangladesh Center for Islam & Pluralism.

Shah Abdul Halim has received Ababil Award for his contribution as writer and researcher. He has also received Award from AsianUniversity of Bangladesh for support and patronization of education. He is also member of reputed organizations: National Press Club Bangladesh and BanglaAcademy. He has visited Nepal, India, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.