The Main Problem of Humanity is Forgetting The Creator

Philosophically thinking, the biggest problem of the world is forgetting Allah, the creator; to become indifferent of His existence. Allah subhana wa ta-a-la said, "O Man! what has seduced thee from thy Lord Most Benificent?" (82:6). At present day it is indeed a reality that mankind is negligent of their creator. Atheistic beliefs are predominant in Europe and a major trend in America. Russia had been a self declared atheist nation for long. Even among the believers, many are skeptics. Skeptics don't openly claim that there is no Creator but they are insensitive about the existence of a creator and do not consider remembrance of Him as an important matter.

This is the condition of all communities, even those who believe in God are oblivious of Him in their practical life. In comparison, however, the Muslims are yet less affected by atheism and skepticism. They are more or less practicing believers. Even the Muslims, who consider themselves secular, observe the Islamic rituals to some extent. They too say their prayers, do fasting in the Ramadan, celebrate the Eids and care about the Halal and Haraam.

Forgetfulness of God has basically created two problems: materialism and atheism. The above mentioned two are the fundamental reason of the crisis of the world today. It can be mentioned that hard-core or extreme secularism produce same kind of behaviour as the atheists and skeptics.

The forgetfulness of God has also affected the education system, which is entirely built upon secularism. Present day science is based on secular perception. European scholars and even the Muslim scholars today do not begin their books with "the name of Creator or God". On the contrary, when the Muslims were making development in science, learning from China and India, they contributed into many branches of sciences. At that time, Muslim scientists used to start every books of science in the name of their Lord. They were sincere believers. But the European scientists, not being believers of God or considering expression of belief to be a humiliating fact, never mentioned the name of the creator. Muslim scientists of today can write it. Unfortunately they are also not doing it these days. Earlier writing the name of God was the custom. Today avoding it has become the custom.

In books of sciences there is no reference to the word Allah or God. The word 'Creator' is not used at all. It is an amazing thing. In some cases, the term 'nature' is used instead of creator, which is very confusing. What is 'nature' is not clear at all. They never think how these natural laws came into existence. How come laws could exist without a lawgiver (creator of the law)? They claim to be the most rational, but I am finding no rationality at all in this point.

The modern science has numerous benefits and uses, we agree to that. But it is driven by a mind that is skeptic on the question of God. A mind that does not recognize God, does not mention God, even considers mentioning God an uncivilized matter. These concepts behind modern scientific thinking are affecting our culture and promoting skepticism and atheism.

Some social sciences maintains similar view in this issue. Sociology assumes that religion is a man-made concept. But they could have promoted the concept that God has created us, and gives us a tendency to be social by giving a social mind. Inclination to communal life of human beings is the design and part of plan of God. That is why we become united and form society. The anthropologists are not admitting that God has created human beings. They completely reject this idea. Anthropology is trying to discover the origin of man by digging into the earth searching for fossils. From those they are saying that human being came into existence spontaneously; there is no Creator.

I would like to mention here that poverty is a big crisis of present day world. A large number of people cannot remain good and honest because of poverty. This crisis is also in the ultimate analysis a product of atheism, secularism and hedonism. Most of the people have become secularist today. It appears that they do not feel the importance of working for the poor and eliminating poverty. Particularly the capitalists of the world don't seem to want this at all. There is no mention of any real concern for the poor in the literature of economics of capitalism. It mentions profit, open market; it talks about non-intervention of the government in financial issues. But it never really solves the problem of market distortion. Capitalism has become an inhuman economic thought in the name of Positivism, the other name of discarding moral principles in the economic field. It never mentions elimination of poverty. Some capitalist nations do take action against poverty but they are doing that by going out of the framework of capitalism, not because this is the demand of capitalist philosophy.

Colonialism and Imperialism are also offshoots of materialism. The inspiration to seek more and more pleasaure for oneself and his nation is the root of these concepts. Exploiting the people for one's own benefit is their purpose. The selfishness and capitalism are not unrelated. All these concepts together have made man irresponsible and have made him hedonist and self-seekers. The responsible people are actually those who fear Allah and do not exploit the world.

Thus, I must say the root of all problems is forgetfulness of the Creator. This is the reason for which our prophets came and told us to obey our Creator.

Thus, the solution of the crisis of the world today is bringing the faith of God back among the people, both the Muslims and non-Muslim. I shall say that believing in any religion is far better than atheism. Because every religion has some ethics. Atheism has no ethics. The atheist thinks himself to be independent and not responsible to any higher Being.

He thinks his actions will never be judged, no one will even question about his actions. So, he can do anything in this world. People like this are dangerous for the society. For this reason, faith in God should be reestablished among the people. We have to let people recognize God, as firmly as possible. We have to have moral basis in education. This is how we can eliminate selfishness from the humanity and can solve the root-cause of all problems of the world. Of course, we have to do many other things for peace and progress of humanity.

(Translated by Taufiq Hasan, a University faculty, Bangladesh from author's Bangla article.)