Palestine State : an Unsolved Issue

Right now in August, when I am speaking, the world is going through a tense situation. I find that Israel, fully backed by America, has launched a vicious attack on Palestinian and Lebanese people. I need not go into the history of this problem which is almost well-known now to the people of the world and also our people in Bangladesh and Muslim world. However, I must mention that Israel was created not on the basis of any public opinion of the Palestinians. There was no referendum in Palestine to create Israel. It is not like Indian situation that the Indian subcontinent was divided on the basis of the opinion of the representative parties of the Muslims, the Hindus and the Sikhs, nothing like that happened in Palestine.
Palestine was an undivided entity. Its people were 85% Muslim, 10% Christian and 5% Jew. Britain was controlling the territory. Britain never held a referendum as we have seen later in east Timor where under United Nation a referendum was held and they said it by majority vote that they wanted to establish an independent state and did not want to remain in Indonesia. Nothing like that happened in Palestine.
On the basis of certain commitment given by Britain to a section of the leadership of the Jews, what happened finally is that the United Nations passed a resolution creating two entities, one called Israel and the other part was made a part of Jordan. They did not agree to create a single Palestine state. So, the state was created by United Nation in 1948 against the wishes of the Palestinian people. At that time Palestinian main party was Muslim party.By that time lot of Jews have been brought in Israel. It may be by that time Jews have become 15% or little more. But the main party was still the Muslims. They were 75%, Christian 10%. No opinion was taken of the Muslims. All were against it. Not a single Muslim or Christian was in favour of it. So it was imposed. Now Israel is backed by America. At that time Jews were backed by Russia, America, UK, France with all kinds of assistance. They captured more areas than they were allocated. They were allocated about 45%, but they captured about 78% and the rest went to Jordan. Later, after 1967 war, when Israel captured West Bank, Jordan gave-up sovereignty over the West Bank to the Palestinians so that they can establish their state there and in Gaza.
So it is one of the tragedies of the modern history that such a state was created against the wishes of the people. There was no record like that in the whole human history. In the history also we find a state or province called Palestine, we do not find any state called Israel. The Israelis were Bani Israel, actually not Israel. But they have now created the state and we know the rest of the history how America backed Israel by financial and political support. People ask the question who controls whom? Is it America who controls Israel or is it Israel who controls America? All the time America’s vetoes are available to protect Israel. So the world is helpless. One veto is sufficient to stop solution.
So presently, as far as I know from the International reports as I have seen that present situation started when one doctor and his wife were abducted by the Israeli Army and then a Palestinian group (not HAMAS) abducted an Israeli Soldier. Then Israel started bombing not Hamas or not only the so called militants but they started bombing on the power station, bridges, roads . Then Hizbullah joined in this conflict. There are still undecided issues between Hizbullah and Israel. Because part of south Lebanon is still occupied by Israel and there are Lebanese prisoners in the lands of Israel. Hizbullah was all the time telling Israel ‘that free the prisoners or otherwise we shall capture one of your solider so that we can exchange them ‘. According to Hizbullah they captured them in the southern Lebanon. The story I am reading in the internet. Even if they have captured from Israel, it does not give the Justification that they will start bombing the Lebanese govt. army, Lebanese govt. broadcasting station, into ports, airports, fly -overs in Beirut city. This is an unthinkable barbarism that the United States thinks it is ok.
But what is the solution ? I do not know. I do not find any immediate solution at all. I do not really see any solution. No solution for about 50 years because of United States of America and its VETO. This type of VETO is obstacle to peace. Reform of UN and the VETO system is a must. We have seen how by VETO power US has blocked peace and cease -fire initiatives.
What can be a line of solution? I think the best solution would have been (which people do not like to say now) is to create a single Palestinian state and the Jews who came from outside should go back to their countries. Only those Jews who are Arabs, who are born in Arab lands and the Muslims, the Christians who are original inhabitants should remain. It should be fully democratic, protector of the Human rights of all citizens, the Muslims, Jews, Christians. This is the best solution. But as the Palestinians have agreed and the Arab states by and large have agreed to a 2-state solution to bury the conflict, it is Ok, if this is done quickly. Israel will retain pre-1967 border and the Palestinians will have their state in the rest of the land, about 22 percent. They have prepared themselves to forget the painful history and illegal occupation.
It can be a solution. But I think United Nation and USA should also give a time limit that within next two years Israel withdraws and if they want then there can be a wall in the boarder, no problem.. There should be a time bound solution. . I think gradually the Palestinians are also thinking they can not get their state and they are thinking of going back to their original position, one Palestine state, where every Jew will be safe .Some foreign Jews may remain, something they will negotiate. But the idea is gaining ground that if two-states solution does not come then we shall have only one state call Palestine. Because the original land is known as Philistine, even Bible has said it is Palestine not Israel.
By and large, western media has never been sensible in the matter of Palestine. Most of them have always taken a line, a position in favor of Israel. They have never gone all out against Israeli wars, incursions or occupations (except honorable exceptions). They have never said that either solve it within two years or get out. They have never said like that. But no western govt or media has taken this position. The Jewish lobby is very strong in Banking, media, in TV channel.
I really do not see any solution in the near future, despite what I have written above. So the Muslims should prepare for a long wait and a long battle, not really only military, but essentially an economic, political and diplomatic battle.
The Muslim and the whole world have suffered a lot. It may lead to big war involving Iraq, Iran, Syria, Jordan and even Egypt. We never know what happens. If something very bad happens, Egypt has to say that it will withdraw its Ambassador. Something very serious may happen. In that case the Arab people will force their governments to withdraw their Ambassador, to go back to their original position. So all these may happen. I think, I can only ask the Muslims that they should be ready for a long wait. They should be stronger economically, militarily, politically. The Muslim world must be democratic so that the West may not argue about corrupt and un-elected governments. We should have proper human rights. We should build up our economy and defense also. This also shows why Muslims should have nuclear power. I think it is necessary that few other states should have nuclear power, Egypt and/or Iran should have nuclear power. If Israel forsakes nuclear power then I agree it is better not to have nuclear power.