Arab Boycott US and Israeli Goods [new]

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            Time is not on Israel's side(2)

            US Agenda in Afghanistan: Peace without Justice

            War for Water

            Peace: A Far Cry

            Silence: A Crime

            Modernism: Islam & The West

            Pax America & the New World Order

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            Concept of Sovereignty and Other Issues [new]

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            Doctrinal Claims of Militants: An Examination

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            The Concept of Ummah and Pluralist Bangladesh [new]

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            Intent of the Islamic Law

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            Ideological & Political Mobilization in the Muslim World [new]

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            The Politics of Moderate Islam [new]

            Islamic Movement: An Overview

            Power Sharing In Islam

            The Politics of Alliance: Bangladesh Experience

            ‘Fundamentalist Economy in Bangladesh’: An Analysis

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            Jihad: War of Aggression or Self-defense

            Islam & Scientific Investigation

            Quality Work: How Important It Is

            Journalist: Role & Responsibility

            The Cultural Problem of the Ummah: The Role of Muslim Intellectuals [new]

            Muslim Society: Reasons for Backwardness

            Totonji on the Backwardness of the Muslim Ummah

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            Eminent Personality - Legandry Prof Syed Ali Ahsan [new]

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            Eminent Personality - Ever Smiling Razia Akhter Banu [new]

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            Book Review Bishoyee Boichittre Sirat by Muhammad Ashraful Islam [new]

            Book Review Issues in Contemporary Islamic Thought by Shaykh Taha Jabir Al-Alwani [new]

            Prophetic Model of Dawah [forthcoming]